How to Make Facebook Like Your Post Images

You’ve taken the time to create  a great blog post and found just the right image.  Now you want to share it on Facebook.  Typically, when a post is shared from a WordPress blog, it looks something like this.


But sometimes Facebook doesn’t want to play nice with your blog.  You may get the wrong thumbnail image — or none at all.

To get your blog to play with Facebook, we need to know what Facebook wants with your images and what WordPress does when you add an image to your media library.

What WordPress Does With Your Image

By default WordPress creates a range of four image sizes for you to choose from:

  •  Thumbnail: A small thumbnail-sized version of your image [200×200]. A thumbnail image is usually square, so some cropping of your original image may occur.
  • Medium: A medium-sized version of your image [300×300]. This is a good size to use with Left/Right alignments because it leaves some space for readable text on either side.
  • Large: A large-sized version of your image [500×500].
  • Full Size: The full-sized version of your image as you uploaded it. Note: WordPress will determine the width of the content column of your theme, and display the largest possible image for that space. If your original image is larger than this column width, the full size of the image may not be displayed.

You can control the size of these images in the Settings -> Media page of your WordPress dashboard.  When WordPress creates the 3 additional images in your media library, however, they may not exactly match these sizes.  If your original image is smaller than one of the options or it is rectangular instead of square, they will be different.

media settings wordpressHow Facebook Wants Your Image

The Thumbnail size setting determines whether Facebook likes your image or not.  When you share a post to Facebook, it looks at your featured image and expects to see at least a 200×200 pixel image.  If it is smaller than that, it will most likely reject the image and search elsewhere in the post or on your blog to try to find another suitable image.  That’s why you may not get the correct image to select from when you share to Facebook.

Sharing On Facebook

Always set the Featured Image for your post to be the one you want displayed when the post is shared. Make your images the correct size and Facebook will play nice!  Of course, you need a good social sharing plugin like the one I use, Shareaholic, that will provide nice sharing buttons and take care of all the tagging Facebook likes. But that is a subject for another time! 🙂

PS – If you have a post with an image you are having problems with, you will need to fix the thumbnail settings, delete the image, re-upload it to your media library and add it to your post again.  WordPress creates the images when you upload an image to the library, so they need to be re-done if you change your settings.


  1. I love learning “secrets” like this because it takes all the mystery out of the animal known as “Facebook.” I have always been curious about WHY Facebook sometimes choose a totally “random” image from my page, rather than the one I chose for the post.
    Angie Millgate recently posted…Transformational SuccessMy Profile

  2. That’s so helpful! I’m a tech-phobe and was just struggling with that issue this morning. Thank you very much – I will spread the word that you are out there and use your site myself.

  3. So funny, I just asked this question in the group before I read this! So it must do the same if it’s larger than that as well? It needs to pretty much be 200×200 or square? Thanks for the answer!

    • Laura – Facebook requires at least 200×200. If your image is not square, the thumbnail is typically cropped to become square. Glad to help!

  4. It’s not quite as easy as that I think; FB doesn’t let me choose ANY alternative images other than the one that is there on the group. Not that I am bothered, but I’d like to choose and for some reason, it’s stopped letting me. I don’t stress about it, as the image Facebook has locked into it’s tiny little mind is quite beautiful and The High Priestess from that deck, The Seer 🙂
    Louise / Priestess Tarot recently posted…Wildwood : The Introspective Hooded ManMy Profile

  5. Hi Carol, Thanks for this timely information. I don’t use WordPress because I find it more trouble than is necessary. (although I have an account and once built a webpage using wordpress). But, I do use Blogger and networkedblog for syndication. I have noticed that facebook does not capture the specific image for a given post but uses the blog header image. I think I can apply some of your tips to fix this problem. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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