How To Create Simple Forms For Your Business

There are times in your business when you need to gather information from either clients or potential clients.  A way to do that is to have a form for people to fill out.  And, of course, having it right on your website is fantastic!  So how do you do that, easily?

Recently I found a great tool to do just that.  It’s called JotForm and can be found at It’s a drag and drop form builder for creating all kinds of forms.  And you can customize the look — the colors and the fonts — to match your business style!

It also has a lot of great options for integrating your forms to help streamline the process. First of all, once you have your form all ready, you can either send people to the form on the website or you can host it on your own website so it looks like it’s part of your site!  For example, I needed a form for potential clients to fill out before we jump on the phone to talk about how I can help them.  That way I have some idea of what they need before we talk.  I created a form on JotForm and  integrated it on a page on my website here  That way visitors stay on my site rather than sending them somewhere else!

Then, after someone fills out on of my forms, a PDF copy of their responses is automatically emailed to me so I know about it and can follow up with them.  Also, it can integrated with other services such as Google Drive. for example, I used JotForm to gather information from speakers for a telesummit.  As part of that information, I needed a headshot from them so I added an upload button to the form.  When they finished filling out the form, the PDF copy of their responses along with the headshot they uploaded were automatically added to my Google drive!  It was so easy to go and grab it!

This is just the beginning of what you can do with this great tool!  And, even better, you can start out with the FREE version!  So go sign up for a Jotform account and start creating awesome forms to use in your  business!

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