Your Responsibility To Yourself

There are three ways you determine your own success: the thoughts you think, the images you see, and the actions you take.  These are things you have total control over and they also have great impact on what you do and how you do it.

The Thoughts You Think

It’s so important to your success that you keep positive thoughts as often as possible.  I am sure you have heard “what you focus on expands.”  When you have negative thoughts about yourself, your abilities, or just life in general, you attract more of that negativity to you.  You start feeling like so much is going wrong and is out of your control.

On the other hand, if you make a conscious effort to have positive thoughts, you will start to see things working out.  You will see opportunities come your way that you may have missed because you were focusing on the negative.

The Images You See

The pictures in your mind are directly related to the thoughts you think.  Having positive images will help attract the good into your life. For example, have you ever noticed what some NBA players do when they walk up to the free throw line?  They will look at the basket and before they get the ball, they will go through the motions of making a free-throw and see that shot going right in the hoop.  Visualizing success is a common practice among professional athletes.

You train your mind to see yourself succeeding at whatever the task is, and when the time comes to perform that task, your mind knows just what to do.  That may sound over-simplistic, but it does work!

The Actions You Takeevent+response

Seeing positive pictures in your mind leads you to take positive action.  You have imagined and taught yourself what you need to do. So when the time comes, you do it.

Your actions are how you respond to an event that happens.  It is important to respond to an event and not react to it.  Responding is a controlled, deliberate action that usually results in a positive outcome, even if the event is negative.  Reacting is usually actions we take without thinking it through enough and usually just makes things worse.

Your Responsibility To Yourself

There are so many things that happen that you have no control over.  You do, however, have complete control over the thoughts you think, the images you see, and the actions you take. It will take some effort to keep your thoughts, images, and actions positive.  But it is so worth it and will help move you towards the success you desire!


  1. Carol. Nice contribution:) Visualization is so powerful . We can definitely manifest with our thoughts. The images going in are extremely powerful and the brain apparently cannot recognize the difference between a “real image” and an imagined one. You mentioned visualization exercises in the NBA. They did an experiment where players were asked to practice shooting free throws and another group was to visualize throwing them. The visualizers performed better. We need to see ourselves where we want to go while being grateful where we are for sure.

  2. Carol, I love the reminder that it is OUR responsibility; no one will do this or CAN do this for us. It is up to each of us to be proactive and create the future we want for ourselves, our children, family and friends and for the world. Thanks for writing it so eloquently and most of all, for the reminder!

  3. Our thoughts and actions play a vital role in our success. As you said if you have a positive attitude towards life, then life will in return offer positive things to you. So it is very important to concentrate on the positives and stop the negative things that enter into our thoughts. Even though it is difficult, we can make it possible by making a little effort.
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