Why I Like Network Marketing

Network marketing has a bad rap with some people.  But once you really understand it, you see how powerful it is.  I will share a couple reasons why I like network marketing.

This statement from John Assaraf is a good summary of the attitudes and beliefs most people have about network marketing.

“Many people have the wrong idea of what network marketing is; the truth is that the business has evolved significantly in the last twenty years. There are those who will shy away from network marketing because of its past, and then there are those smart ones who will make their fortunes because they can forget the past and see the future. In network marketing, the power of your connections and determination allows you to build a highly successful business without the traditional costs of going into business on your own. The products, systems and ability to generate a great income and lifestyle make a powerful combination for those who want their share of the American dream.” ~John Assaraf

He mentioned people staying away from network marketing because of its past.  I believe he is referring to people who have tried to build their business in a less than scrupulous manner.  In any type of business you will find people with questionable motives — those who will do anything to “get you”.  Unfortunately, sometimes that is what everyone hears about it rather than the good aspects of the business — the real benefits that are available to those who join for the right reasons.

I heard once that “Network marketing is really a personal development program wrapped up in _______ [name of the business].” I really like that because it is true!

network marketingPersonal development is a big focus in most, if not all network marketing companies.  Having a network marketing business makes you stretch your abilities, grow your skills, and improve your communication.  It is based in relationships.  Some of us are really good at that, and others have to work at it.  But think of having real life training where you get better at building relationships and communicating with people and make money at the same time!  It’s a win-win for everyone!

You learn how to really listen to people and understand what they really need.  When you come from place of wanting to help people, you will find the greatest success with network marketing.

I have found that the people I associate with in my network marketing company are probably the most helpful and caring people I have come across in business.  It is not phony either.  The key in network marketing is the more people you help be successful, the more  successful you are.  You have to focus on others to be successful.  How great is that!

I am sure you can find people involved in network marketing that are only in it to get what they want.  You will find those type of people in any kind of business. Just stay away from them and work with everyone else that wants to see others succeed.  Find a network marketing company that has products or services that you really like– that you are passionate about — and go find people you can help.  You will be successful!


  1. My sister recently became involved in marketing a healthy diet regime because she had found so much success with the product and plan. She’s in it to help other people and it is very obvious. She’s having success because it’s not about the money for her. So, she’s living proof that network marketing works!

  2. Hi Carol, Great post…having worked with a network marketing company for years I know how wonderful being involved with a great company can be. I first met Jim Rohn in 1998 and that was through working in Herbalife and that’s when my husband and were introduced to personal development. I have nice memories from those years! Thank you for sharing!
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  3. Carol, I think so many people often distrust what they don’t understand. A few companies, or their sales force, do things less than ethically and the whole business model gets a bad reputation.
    There are so many different possibilities out there for product, too, if people really look. Gone are the days when it was all supplements or skin care… I love my network marketing companies because they are not so mainstream!!
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