What You Want to Accomplish

What You Want to AccomplishWhen you set out to start your own business, or anything else for that matter, you need to be clear about what you want to accomplish.  If this is not firm in your mind, you will find it hard to decide what you need to do every day.

We’ve all heard methods for goal setting.  But what I am describing here is more than just goal setting, though that is part of it.  I am suggesting that we need to decide the end result we are working towards, then work backwards to decide what we do today to get to where we ultimately want to be.

What You Want to Accomplish

First, write down what you want to accomplish.  Don’t be afraid to write down anything and everything that pops in your mind.  When you have that long list, go through it and select the most important items that you would like to see happen as a result of having your own successful business.

Some of those items will take years to accomplish — others can be done in a few days.  Break that list in to different time frames – 10 years, 5 years, 1 year, 6 months, 1 month.  Now write a sentence for each item on your list in the present tense — “In one month I will have done XYZ.” “I am making X dollars a month.”  Writing your goals in the present tense helps your mind see them as done and it causes it to automatically find ways to make them a reality.

One final task — write down why you want to accomplish these goals.  Why are you choosing to build a business?  What good do you want to achieve by having a successful business?  This is referred to as your “Why” by a lot of training systems.  This statement is something you can look back on frequently to help you remember why you are doing what you are doing.  It can help you get back on track when you get discouraged.  It can encourage you to do the hard things and to take chances that you normally would not do.

Now that you know what you want to accomplish and when, use the time-line items to establish your goals every day.  Start with the shorter term items and choose tasks that will help you achieve those.  I heard someone suggest spending a few minutes every evening reviewing your day.  Doing that will help you see what you did accomplish, what you did not quite get done, and how you may need to adjust your plans.  That is a great time to create the list of tasks for the next day.

Don’t forget to review your “Why” every day — preferably in the morning.  That way it will be fresh in your mind and a constant reminder of why you are doing what you are doing.

What You Want to Accomplish

Take the time to decide why you are doing what you are doing and what it means to you and your life.  Knowing what you want to accomplish and having the time-line goals defined, will help you stay on track.  You will have the best chance to ultimately end up where you want to be!


  1. Hi Carol,

    You are absolutely spot on about using short term and longer term goals to guide us to where we would like to go.
    Small successes are so often being overlooked. It is the signing up of the first distributor that gets the new team member excited! Success then breeds more successes. Not a shadow of doubt.

    To make our dreams fresh, definitely have to review it everyday. I have a photo of the Malaysian resort on my Blackberry phone as a reminder of my goal of going there in October!

    Visualizing is another powerful practice that I heard a lot of leaders talk about. I am not particularly good at doing that. I will make this reviewing and visualizing my habit for 2013. Thanks, Carol, for your timely success tips!

    Viola The Business Mum
    Viola Tam recently posted…Avoiding Dream Killers in 2013My Profile

  2. Carol, very timely post! Just today I wrote out a list that ending up with 7 major sections and over 2 pages of details of things I need to get done in my business. Thanks to your post, I am now going to sort it out by timeline so I can prioritize it and have the satisfaction of crossing off the DONE items.
    Rachel Williamson recently posted…Speidies: Leaving the Podium for a Couple of DaysMy Profile

  3. I like this method Carol.

    I even like to use this method at home. When raising children, I believe that we should actually change that term to “Raising Adults”

    We need to look at where we want our children to be when they are 24 years old, and then work backwards to where we are today. Then answer this question, “What can I do today, to help this child get to that point when they are 24.”

    And of course as you wrote so well, this principle applies to our businesses as well.

    martin recently posted…Top 15 Website Do NotsMy Profile

  4. Hi Carol

    Your post is very true. We all have dreams but in business you do need to put a deadline on your dreams otherwise how do you know you have achieved them. If you don’t achieve them when you expect to you can analyse why not and give it a different deadline.

    Linda O’Rourke recently posted…Network Marketing IncomeMy Profile

  5. This is awesome. I’m in a goal attainment class right now. One of the things they say often is “A goal properly set is halfway reached.” ~Zig Ziglar. Writing it down and knowing your why are huge for that!
    Michele Lewis recently posted…Being MeMy Profile

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