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Part TimeI really enjoy the material Jim Rohn created during his life.  He is probably one of the most quoted experts on Network Marketing.  One of my favorite quotes is:

“I’m working full time on my job and part time on my fortune” ~Jim Rohn.

Once he learned he could do that, it changed his future forever. He called it “The Magic of Part Time.”  Working part time to build a business will, in time, turn into a full-time income and more!

How we spend our time is will make a big difference how fast we get to that full-time income.  It is so easy to find an excuse not to work on our business — I know, I have come up with all of them at one point or another!

  • I’m too tired!
  • I worked all day.
  • The kids need me.
  • The house needs cleaning.
  • Just need to read all these emails.
  • All this stuff needs to be filed.
  • I need to organize my office.
  • My desk is a mess.

You get the idea.  There are endless excuses.

Part Time – Time Management

The key to building your business part time is prioritizing your time.  We all know that if we really wanted to find time to do something, we could. Right?  Right.

You need to start where you are and find little segments of time here and there to get the things done that you need to.  If you really focus on a single task for as little as 15 minutes, you can get a lot accomplished working only part time.

Make a list of the tasks you must complete today, and the tasks you would like to complete.  The must-do tasks should ideally be income producing activities (or activities that build towards generating income).  Be careful to only include things that you must do, the really important ones.  Don’t put too many “like to do’s” on the list.  We need to avoid getting overwhelmed!

Segment your day into say, 30 minute chunks (or whatever time slice works for you).  Block out time that is unavailable for working your business, such as your job, appointments, necessary family time, etc.

Look at your “must-do” list.  Start with the first item and schedule it in the first time 30 minute slot.  Go down the list and schedule in the rest of your must-do items.  If there are any slots left, move to the “like to do” list.

If you are really, really busy and don’t get all your “must-do” items scheduled, no worries.  Just move them to the top of the list for tomorrow.

The important thing is that you are getting the tasks done on the list, not just worrying about getting them done!

Important:  Now, follow your schedule!!  You have taken the time to schedule out the important tasks — now do them when you scheduled them!

The Magic of Part Time

You will probably be amazed at where you can find these small slices of time.  When you add up all the part time slices, you really have accomplished a lot towards building your business!


  1. Hi Carol- nice article. Love Jim Rohn too! The secret is in the action, isn’t it? Follow your schedule and ACT on it!

  2. What a gift Jim Rohn was and what a legacy he left to all of mankind…a treasure chest of gold nuggets containing wisdom for all who want to take the time and effort to put them into practice!

  3. I work full time on my job and part time on my business. At the moment my business has to fit into the nooks and crannies of my life and I just pick it up and run with it when I can. I don’t write lists for my business at the moment but in my day job I do. It does help to have something to tick off and say ‘done’.
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  4. Managing our energy is just as important as managing our time… perhaps more so. We need to make sure we get adequate sleep, exercise, nutrition, water, relaxation, and spiritual refreshment or our best plans for time management will crumble.

    Thank you for the reminders, Carol!



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