My Transition – Becoming An Entrepreneurial Mom – Part 3

Becoming An Entrepreneurial MomAs I said in part 2, I found my solution to becoming an entrepreneurial mom!  Yeah!  I was looking around the internet and saw an add on Facebook that said something like:

How To Succeed At Network Marketing By Burning Your Names List, Ditching The Thursday Night Hotel Meetings And NEVER Paying For Another Opportunity Lead Again!

Wow!  That sounded just like what I was looking for.  Had someone figured this out?  I had to look into it.  What I learned and am still learning is nothing short of amazing – at least to me.  I had found my answer to becoming an entrepreneurial mom!  That answer was Attraction Marketing!

Becoming An Entrepreneurial Mom

The whole key to attraction marketing is to think of the other person first.  Boy, did that resonate with me.  You try to understand what they want – forget about your needs – and find a way that you can help them.  Sounds good.

Another factor in Attraction Marketing is to educate people – provide valuable information.  That sounded a bit daunting at first.  But, in the end, it really is quite simple:  Figure out what you are passionate about and share that.  Figure out how that passion can help others find what they are looking for.

Just an aside that fits quite nicely here.  One of the biggest things I have gained in the entire process is the desire, well, really the enjoyment of self-development.  When you are looking at trying to help others, you really need to look at yourself first.  What do you bring to the table – what are your gifts, talents, passions, desires, etc.?  What areas do you need improving in – especially when focused on how you want to contribute?  What skills are you lacking?  Where do you need to do a little more studying and research?

I know that can sound like a lot of work, but believe me, it really is quite enjoyable!  There are some great books, CDs, and DVDs out there that everyone should get a hold of and absorb all you can.  Now I have a hard time listening to the radio in the car – I’d rather listen to a CD with some of this great information.

Now I was getting somewhere with my goal of becoming an entrepreneurial mom!


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