Building A Business Is Like A Marathon

Building a Business is Like a MarathonI have been running races for several years now.  It’s not something I intended to get into, but I did a race for charity, enjoyed it, and just kept doing it.  I even got my husband and now my girls into racing too!

That’s probably why when I heard someone say the following, it caught my attention.

Building a business is not a sprint — it’s a marathon.

So true!

When I am training for a race, I have to do something everyday to get myself in shape and build up endurance.  It takes time!  Usually, I need to start at least 6 months out to get ready.  I do something every day!  I try to do just a little bit more than the day before. Slow and steady always works best!

I find it easier to have a training schedule.  I map out how much time I have until the race and the distances I need to complete each week to make sure I am ready.  It is important not to increase the distance too quickly or I risk an injury.  That will really slow me down!

Once, I put my off training for a 1/2 marathon until about 2 months before.  Yes, I pushed a little too hard to get up to the distance I needed.  My knee was quite sore and it really slowed down my training.  I was not sure if I would be ready and able to do the race! But I did and it was hard!  And I was really sore afterwards!

There is also a mental part to running.  Completing a marathon is as much in your head as it is in your physical capability.  You have to keep telling yourself you can do it!

Just keep running, just keep running!

That just made me think of Dory in Disney’s “Finding Nemo”! 🙂   But she is right!  Just keep doing it and you will get where you need to be.

So, how does all this relate to building a business?

Building a business takes time!  You have to do something every day, or at least most days of the week.  Especially when your business is online.

You have to create blog posts, social media posts, products — all the things you need to do to get people to visit your site.  You also need to learn new things that you can use to attract people.  Pay attention to what is happening around you day to day.  What grabs your attention?  What inspires you?

With all the information bombarding people online these days, you have to be really consistent in being out there.  You need to work at attracting and engaging people with your posts.

Create a plan that you follow.  It can be a daily, weekly, or monthly plan.  Schedule out what you need to do each day to move your business forward.  Most importantly, follow that plan!  Just like training for a race, you will improve your skills.  Completing the daily tasks on your list gives you a sense of accomplishment!  You know you can do this!

Building A Business

So, hang in there and DO SOMETHING EVERY DAY!!  Be consistent! And before you know it, your business will be growing, your list will be growing, your bank account will be growing, and you will have success!!


  1. You are so right! Building a business is like a marathon! I don’t like running but I do play the piano and learning to play well is also like running a marathon. It takes daily, consistent practice no matter how you feel. That’s why I think it so important to blog every single day if we have an internet business. Blessings on your business!

  2. If ever there were a theme for for entrepreneurs who work from home, it would be to take that consistent daily action and be persistent. Since we’re typically a one-woman show, everything falls on us to plan and do and follow up, or nothing gets done. We have to hold ourselves accountable. Sure makes it easier when we have a schedule! Nice post!
    Eryn McCormick recently posted…Marketing Funnel Looking More Like A Rube Goldberg Contraption?My Profile

  3. Wow, no wonder it’s so hard to get to the peak! A marathon….and I’m not a runner. Guess I’ll have to do the ‘Dayna thing’ and persevere till I get there.

    Love that your family is involved. Good lessons for all of us.
    Rachel Williamson recently posted…Recent College Grad? Need Help?My Profile

  4. Wow! Isn’t this the truth!
    The lie that it is easy, and you can make millions overnight, is a total deception!

    But I think you hit the nail on the head when you said, “Building a business takes time! You have to do something every day, or at least most days of the week. Especially when your business is online.”

    Keep up the great work,
    and never give up.

    martin recently posted…Is Mobile Marketing Really Lucrative?My Profile

  5. As someone who is new to the business building part, but does understand the training analogy, may I say simply THANK YOU for really simplifying. This I can do!

    I love that you have found that the same ideas work in more than 1 part of your life. And on a personal note, its very cool that your whole family is doing not only the physical activity together but that you and your husband are also teaching your children to plan and to practice and to keep going. That will as you clearly know, take them far in their lives.

    Much love,

    • Kate:

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I am so glad that it has encouraged you in some way! I wish you success!


    • Madonna – I agree, a marathon does seem easier at times! The path is clearly marked. But then again the path is the same for everyone – no room for creativity!


  6. As a writer, I find that I have to be both a sprinter AND a marathoner: short stories and long missives; quick turnarounds and extended deadlines; yadda, yadda, yadda. Sometimes it’s hard to see the finish line – your advice to “create a plan that you follow” is key; thanks for sharing this post.
    Kimba recently posted…Don’t I Look Great… For Sixty?!My Profile

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