Be Fearless

Be FearlessI had a surprise in my lunch box the  other day. My husband had put some chocolates in it.  The first one I opened had a message I needed to hear at the time.  It said …

Be Fearless.

Anyone who is an entrepreneur and trying to establish an online business – or any business for that matter, needs to Be Fearless.

Fear is one of those great stumbling blocks for anyone venturing out to do something on their own.  Fear is something that can stop us in our tracks.  Fear can paralyze us from moving forward.

There are so many fears that can stop us.  Can I really do this?  I am not sure I have what it takes.  But, someone has already done something like this. How can I compete?  I don’t really know what I am doing.  And many more.

Be Fearless

We need to keep in mind that we have skills, talents and experiences that only we can offer.  Even though someone else has “already done this”, there are people only we can reach that the others were unable to.  There are people that need our help that only we can resonate with.  We can’t leave them hanging, so to speak. They need our help!  They need you!

So get out there and Be Fearless!!


  1. Hi Carol,

    Excellent move in choosing ‘Be Fearless’ as the theme for this blog!

    This is from my friend’s book “Create Prosperity: a guided journey, by Margaret Munoz: “Fear kills hopes and dreams. It destroys careers, relationships, and your health.” How true! We must deal with it wisely.

    What to do what fear seems to be overtaking our power? I believe deep breathing can help to calm us down immediately. Using affirmation is another proven technique. Margaret’s technique is a more believable one (to our subconscious mind). It starts with “Even though” and continue with “I choose to”. Here is an example: “Even though I’m afraid of other people criticising me, I choose to stop criticising myself.

    Choose wisely between the two options: FROZEN or FOCUS. Face it squarely by focusing on our goals and dreams. Focus on the necessary daily tasks that needed to be done. Fear will have nowhere to stay 🙂

    Great work, Carol!

    Viola The Business Mum
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  2. Carol,
    You are so right about the need to be fearless in online marketing and working from home. Sometimes we are afraid to get in front of the camera for example. Sometimes we may go through months where we don’t see results and have to trust. But to march on fearlessly and with faith that our efforts will pay off and help other people too is how we need to operate.

    Keep fearlessly and joyously marching on my friend!


    The Work from Home Caregiver

  3. Carol,

    I would love to see a series on the subject of ‘Fearless’….there must be resources that would be useful to all of us. Today I will practice being ‘fearless’.
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  4. Thanks so much Carol for this excellent post about being fearless. Sometimes I forget that I need to step into my greatness, and that I “have skills, talents and experiences that only we can offer”……This is a great reminder.
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  5. So True Carol.
    Fear can be paralyzing or motivating, depending on how we use it.

    However, I have found that 99% of the time, my fears are based upon “unknowns” or “what ifs”
    and not on reality.

    We need to exercise ourselves to think and look objectively, then we will be much better positioned to think and act reasonably.

    So, to me, “Be Fearless” doesn’t mean never have a fear, but rather, what am I going to do with that fear when it arises.

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