An interview with Carol Lamoreaux


Q: What do you love about your work?

I love helping my clients create what they envision for their business in a way that they feel represents them and their message.

I love that what we create helps their audience have the experience my client envisions for them.  My clients feel good about sending people to their website because it really does represent them in a beautiful way that makes them feel proud.  Finally!

I also love the moment when my clients realize they don’t have to worry about the “tech side” of creating or redoing their website… when they can leave that to me, and I will take care of them.

Q: What’s your favorite work to do with a client?

Yes, I am a “technnerd” at heart! So I do really enjoy digging in and figuring out how to make things work, and put them together to create the vision my client has for their website.

AND I also have a creative side, so he whole creative process is really fun — and fulfilling.  I have found that many people value beauty and want something beautiful and practical, but don’t know how to create it (or don’t want to).  I love being the person who helps my clients communicate their big ideas and make it beautiful — and simple.  I’m all about making it simple.

Q: What makes working with you different than other designers and developers?

I understand the tech side of things, so my  clients don’t have to.  I make things easy for them to understand and don’t burden them will all the “hairy” details that just make it sound confusing.  I want them to understand what’s going on, but not feel overwhelmed.

I am responsive — I often hear stories about other designers who are hard to get a hold of, take a long time to respond and leave their clients wondering what’s going on… How unprofessional!

It’s important to me that my clients know what’s happening and feel like they are part of the process.  This is their “baby” after all, and it is important that it gets done right.

Q: What’s your background? What did you do before this?

First off, I’m a wife and a mom!  That’s the most important thing I do — and the reason I started my business in the first place.  I want more freedom to be a mom, be the soccer coach, go to the school activities, have time to play with my girls.

I’m also a software engineer and have been for 25 years.  My job has given me so many opportunities!  I have learned to write software, write and teach training courses for our customers, give product demonstrations at trade shows, and travel all over the world.  The travel stopped when I became a mom, but the experiences and the people I met were priceless!  I learned how to communicate well with many different people with all sorts of backgrounds and make things simple for them to understand.

Q: What’s the biggest mistake you see many business owners making with their websites?

The biggest mistake is when they try to do it all themselves.  We all have skills and things we are good at, but if tech is not yours, let someone else help you. The investment you make is so worth it because it prevents lots of stress for you, and frees up your time to do what you do best and reach those people you you can help.  So many times we are reluctant to spend the money — I know, I used to be afraid to spend money.  But in the end, investing in you and your business will save you frustration and money, really, because of the time it frees up for you to make money with your gifts and do what you ARE good at.

Q: What lights you up?

I love playing with my family!  We love the outdoors and do a lot of activities together.  Living in Utah makes that easy with the fabulous mountains!  I also do lots of creative things with my girls.  They love to make things and you can often find all 3 of us on the floor with scissors, cardboard, fabric, and a glue gun creating some fabulous thing my girls dreamed up!  It’s a riot!  Yes, there are often messes all over the house, but I love that my girls want to do that instead of watching TV.  It’s so fun to see what they can dream up!  We like to expose our girls to lots of different activities and experiences.  They have such great imaginations and the more they learn, the greater their capacity is to create what they want in their life. 

Q: What’s your advice to a business owner who is looking for help building a website?

I see people stress out over this a lot!  They want it to be perfect and have everything before they will put their website “out there”.  Well. it doesn’t! Don’t over-complicate it. You can start out with simple and your website can grow with you.  Just get up the basics so people know who you are and how you can help them.  Then grow from there.  Don’t forget — everything is changeable!

I also see people try to figure it all out by themselves.  Why?  If you don’t know tech or even want to know tech it’s so worth it to let someone else do it for you!  This takes away so much stress and overwhelm. And if you find someone you can work well with, it will be an easy process for you — and kinda fun too!