Why You Need To Get Your Website Up Now!

As I work with people and help them get their websites set up, I notice that some tend to be caught in the “got to get it perfect before I can do anything” mode. I certainly understand that as I am a recovering perfectionist myself. But I heard someone say something once that made so much sense to me –…

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How To Make Training Work For You

We learn great information, get inspired to improve ourselves and our business, but then we don’t use it. Here’s a way to get the most out of training!

Follow Up Is Where The Fortune Is

“The fortune’s in the follow up” implies that follow up is critical in any business.

Get To Know Your Ideal Client With An Empathy Map

Create a detailed empathy map and you will have some great guidelines and ideas for creating content and products that will both appeal and help your ideal client!

What Is An Autoresponder and Why Do I Need One?

We’ve all heard that to build a successful online business you need a list. An autoresponder makes building your list possible.

Magnetic Content

Create magnetic content by identifying the needs of your target market and meet those needs, you will get more visitors and make more money.