Are You Obeying The Email SPAM Laws?

We’ve talked before about how effective email can be for marketing your business.  But how can you be sure you are following all the “rules”? In 2003 the Federal Trade Commission published a guide for businesses to help them stay compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act.  Everyone who uses email for business is required to follow these guidelines or you can…

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Why Do I Need A List?

I am sure you’ve heard it several times — “You need a list to be successful online.”  What exactly is a list?  A list is a collection of contact information for people who have expressed interest in you and what you are doing.  They opt-in to your list in some way to get something you offer.  Your list is stored…

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What Is An Autoresponder and Why Do I Need One?

We’ve all heard that to build a successful online business you need a list. An autoresponder makes building your list possible.