Why You Need To Get Your Website Up Now!

done-is-better-than-perrfectAs I work with people and help them get their websites set up, I notice that some tend to be caught in the “got to get it perfect before I can do anything” mode. I certainly understand that as I am a recovering perfectionist myself. But I heard someone say something once that made so much sense to me – “Done is better than Perfect.” What do I mean by that? Let’s back up a little and I’ll explain.

You want to get your business going and you need a website. You look around the web and see some great looking websites with all the bells and whistles. That’s what you want! But you are still working out what you want your business to look like. You have a good idea where to start but you don’t have the entire plan all worked out. But I am going to tell you to start where you are now! Don’t wait until everything is all worked out! I am sure you would like to get money coming in as soon as possible. To do that you need to get your presence out there! Get a website set up with what you know NOW!

The great thing about a website is it is CHANGEABLE! That should be a big relief! You can add more pages to your website, modify what you already have, or completely replace parts of it – AT ANY TIME!! Whew! That should take a little pressure off! Bottom line is I really want to see you just get started. That way you will know how your current ideas work and what you need to do to improve them. And people will start to get to know who you are and how you can help them. You won’t know that until you get it out in front of people!

There are certain things that need to be on your website. You need to introduce yourself to your visitors. They want to know who you are. Make sure you have a picture of you! Also you need to let people know how you can help them! Make sure you tell them and provide a way for them to contact you.

You need to post valuable content on your website that educates your visitors and demonstrates your expertise. You also want to have a way for them to choose to get on your email list so you can contact them. You want to build a relationship with your visitors so they learn to know, like and trust you! You want to show them how you can help them and that you can help them. So let’s get your website up!

If you need help click here to contact me to set up a time and we can talk and figure out how I can help you get started. I’m excited to see what you have planned!


  1. As one perfectionist to another – this is spot on! Websites are not static; I change mine all the time. You really do need to get the site up, become comfortable with management (for me it was mastering wordpress), and then tinker and modify as your skills improve.

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