Why a Business Email Address is a Must Have

Anyone who has a business needs to have a business email address. A business email address does not mean mybusinessname@gmail.com.  It means something like yourname@mybusinessname.com.  You may wonder why that’s such a big deal.  Here are a couple reasons (really the most important ones).

First off, you are legitimate when you use a real business email address and potential customers take you seriously.  Anyone can set up a gmail account and use whatever name they want.  But when you buy a domain name for your business and set up an email address at that domain name, you are serious and come across that way.

Second, if you use an email autoresponder to grow your list for your business, you must have a real business email address.  The autoresponder services I have worked with (several of them) very strongly discourage and some even don’t allow using a free email address such as gmail, yahoo etc.  Once again this goes back to the fact that anyone can set up a free email address and the autoresponder companies are trying to minimize spam being sent from their service.  They don’t want to look bad and it will affect the email delivery for all their customers!

You might be thinking that you don’t know how to do this or it sounds too complicated. But it’s really easy to do!  Once you buy your domain name and web hosting, you can set up an email account.  Some hosting plans even allow you to have multiple email addresses. Once you have your email address you can connect it to your mail client of choice to easily access your new email account.

And, yes, some domain and hosting providers offer an email service too.  You can buy this service, but there really is no need to.  If you are already paying for hosting and your plan allows you to have an email address, you just need to set it up with no additional charges.

If you don’t have a real email address for your business or need help with any website needs, please set up a time to chat and I’ll take care of it for you!

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