The Right Way To Use Images On Your Website

We all love to add images to our site!  First off, it looks really nice.  Second, it’s a fact that images make your site (and your content) more appealing to people.  After all, you want to attract  people to your website and blog posts, right!

So, let’s say you write a killer blog post and want to find the perfect image(s) to really make it stand out.  So you hop over to Google and search for relevant images.  You find the perfect one!  So you download it and add it to your content. Right?  WRONG?  Doing that will set you up for trouble! We need to consider copyright laws.

Copyright Laws for Dummys

If a photographer or artist creates something — they own the copyright!!  So, no, you can’t use it without their permission.  So either you need to contact them to get permission to use the image and likely pay them for EACH time you use their image. Or you can…

Look for Royalty Free images

The rights to use royalty free images can be purchased (or can possibly be free).  These are images that the creator has chosen to make available for anyone to use. Typically they can be used in unlimited ways and unlimited times (though some may have specific usage guidelines). You can pay as little as $1 for an image or possibly $400 depending on what you are using it for — on the web, print, personal, commercial etc.

The price also varies depending on the size of image you need.  For example, an image for use in an email can be small — around 400×400 pixels.  For your website, especially if you would like your content to be shared on social media, you need at least 600×600.  If you are using the image for a banner on your website, the bigger the better!  For a banner you want at least 1600 pixels wide.  You don’t need (or want) it that tall.  A good ratio would be to have the height be 1/4 to 1/3 the width.  So for a 1600 pixel wide image, the height would be 400-500ish, depending on how much of the page you want it to take up.

Keep in mind, you can always make an image smaller;  you can not, however, make it larger!  It will become pixely and blurry and look terrible.

Where to get Royalty Free images

Here are just a few sites:

Those are only a few sites to get great images.  Some sell image by the “each” and some require buying credits.  Find the one you like best!

Bottom line: Use images in all your content and on your website!  Just make sure you follow the “rules” and your work will look fantastic!!


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