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Online MarketingSuccess in online marketing can be summarized into 5 main ingredients that combine to form the “Profit Formula.”

There are hundreds and even thousands of different methods you can use online (or off) but all of them end up falling under one of these 5 main categories.  Just like an algebra equation that balances itself out, when you put all of these 5 ingredients together, the only possible outcome is a money-making online marketing business.

But just like with a recipe for baking a cake, you need every one of them in order to produce the results you want with online marketing.

Here’s what you need to make your online marketing business work:

Traffic + Content + Conversions + List + Monetization =
A Money Making Online Marketing Business

Online Marketing Formula

1. Traffic

Anytime we think about making more money we naturally assume that the only sensible way to do this is to get more people to our website. This is true to an extent – but it’s far from being the only thing you need.

Too many people are led astray in a never-ending search for the “holy grail” of traffic generation for online marketing. The “silver bullet” that will solve all their problems and flood their website with more traffic than an eight lane superhighway during rush hour.

The Secret To Getting More Traffic Than Any One Person Could Ever Want
With Online Marketing Is To Get The Rest Of The Formula Right

The truth is, traffic generation is the easy part… IF you’re faithfully implementing the other four ingredients.

Of course that doesn’t mean traffic generation should be ignored. Nothing happens until someone sees your message!

Here is what your traffic-getting strategy should be:

If you’re just starting out in online marketing, the incredible power of social media is the way to go. It’s free, it’s leveraged, it doesn’t require any complicated knowledge of search engines to get initial results, and it builds powerful relationships with prospects and customers.

Then, as soon as you can, you want to move in to paid methods as quickly as possible (while continuing to build and leverage your social media traffic streams).

2. Content

This is the oh-so critical “value” component of the online marketing equation. The reason this is so important is because this is the biggest part of the equation that has been missing from network marketing for decades!

This is the “uniqueness” that you and you alone provide to the world. It’s what sets you apart and gives prospects a compelling reason to do business with you over everyone else.

Your online marketing content should educate your prospects and solve their most pressing problems. And there are many different types of content that you can use at different stages of your marketing funnel. There are basic forms like articles, blog posts, videos, emails, etc. And there are more advanced forms ranging from webinars to ebooks to coaching to home study courses all the way to full blown in-person online marketing live-events.

The goal is to gradually progress to more and more advanced levels of content. It’s very simple:

The More Content You Create And The More Advanced Forms
Of Content You Create, The More Online Marketing Leads You Generate

It’s crucial that you understand this component of the formula because the people who own and control content have the most leverage. They control the online marketing traffic. They have the most joint venture opportunities. They have the biggest lists.

3. Conversions

While valuable content attracts the audience to you, it alone is not enough to get most people to take action. A decent amount will, but not the majority. And not the amount you need to make a full time income with online marketing.

In order to do get people to take action, you have to learn how to motivate. That’s what a conversion is: Whenever any type of action takes place. To put it in more layman’s terms: You have to learn how to close.

Just to be clear, however, learning how to close doesn’t always mean having people give you their money. That is the end goal of your online marketing business, but there are conversion points along every single step of your marketing funnel that require people to take action.

Believe it or not, you still have to sell the value you’re giving – even if it’s free!

If you’re struggling to make money, my greatest advice to you is to become a voracious student of copywriting. It has a dramatic impact on every single aspect of your business.

It determines whether or not people decide to…

•    Read your ads
•    Click on your ads
•    Opt in to your email list
•    Read your subject lines and open your emails
•    Read past the first paragraph of your emails
•    Click on the links in your emails
•    Read your articles or blog posts
•    Watch your videos (and continue watching them)
•    Ultimately buy your product

Online Marketing Copywriting is basically what moves the whole process along. It makes sure that a prospect goes smoothly from point A to point Z without getting stuck or lost or distracted along the way.

4. List

Which one of these online marketing ingredients you need to focus on depends on where you’re at with your business. But the goal of all these activities is to be continually building your list of prospects.

Building your online marketing business really isn’t that different from doing the warm market/cold market thing. The point is still to build your list. The difference is how you get people on the list and what you do with them after that.

In fact…

The Turning Point For Online Marketing Comes When You Truly Begin To
Learn The Science And Business Of List Building

ALL successful marketers have a list. Big pay days never happen overnight. But if you continue to grow your list it can.

There is one overarching golden rule to always remember when it comes to list building…

The quality of the list is more important than the size.

There are a few things that affect the quality of your online marketing list.

•    How did people get on the list?

Did they come from a glowing endorsement by another marketer? Did they come from pay-per-click? Did they come from your Facebook account? Were they opportunity leads that you purchased? Every online marketing traffic source produces different quality leads.

•    What steps did they take before getting on your list?

Have they already consumed a lot of your online marketing content before they opted in? Did they double opt in or single opt in? How much information did you require they give you to get on your list? In some cases you want to make it easy as possible to get on your list and in some cases you actually don’t. Just know that the more hoops someone jumps through the more qualified they are.

•    The most important: What is your relationship with the list?

Do you continue to provide them with tons of value once they get on your list? Do you relentlessly pound them with offer after offer? How often do you follow up with them?

5. Monetization

Monetization in online marketing is simple: Offering products that relate to your prospects needs.

This is where your MLM fits in. Building a list comes first, not building a downline. Monetization is the fun part of online marketing and it’s where you really want to start thinking outside the box. Obviously you want to generate income with your business as fast as possible.

This means asking yourself:

What Else Are My Prospects Looking For?
What Else Could I Offer Them?

Affiliate programs are the fastest and easiest way to begin selling other people’s products to earn commissions with online marketing. But my biggest tip for you here is to begin developing your OWN products.

Having your own products (info products are the best) gives you more profits, more control, more credibility with your prospects, more lead generation power, more advertising options… and… it makes selling other things like affiliate products or your MLM a thousand times easier!

The goal in online marketing is to have automated monetization so your income isn’t dependent on you always having to do work. But if you don’t have a huge list yet, a great way to begin making serious money with yours right from the get-go is by offering consultations.

It’s an easier sell than most products because your prospects are desperately looking for one-on-one help (it has to be value based though and not a pitch-fest). This is one of the quickest ways that many people using online marketing have gone from zero to $2-3k/mo.

Just imagine what you could do for your business and your life with an additional two to three thousand a month.

Things start to get very exciting when you can…

•    Buy more money-making tools for your business
•    Buy any product you need to keep learning new skills
•    Expand your advertising
•    Have less stress and more free time because the bills are being paid

Online Marketing Success

The key to selling your own products or services is to simply be a couple steps ahead of your prospects.

Traffic + Content + Conversions + List + Monetization =
A Money Making Online Marketing Business

That’s the profit formula for online marketing. Tape it to your computer desk and never lose sight of these 5 ingredients.

If you’re not making money with online marketing, you’re missing one of the ingredients.


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