How To Make Training Work For You

Have you ever gone to an event, listened to a training webinar or watched an online training course and got all excited about the possibilities?  You had some great ideas for things you wanted to do to make your business better or just help you be a better person. Then you got back to your life and lost track of the excitement and forgot your ideas.

That is so easy to do — and its so common.  Sometimes we see all the information out there and want to learn it all because we just know it will help us get where we want to be.  The problem is we get so much information in our heads from all the great training, that it ends up just overwhelming us and we don’t know where to start.  So we don’t end up using most of it.

I heard a great quote the other day on a training webinar that describes this scenario:

“Inspiration Without Action is Entertainment” ~Mary Morrisey


We learn great information, get inspired to improve ourselves and our business, but then we don’t use it.  Self improvement and training are vital in growing a business and worth the time we spend on them …  IF we actually use the information.

I struggle with this problem!  I love to learn new things and listen to and learn from those who are where I want to be.  They always have such great information and I can to see where I could be if I could just follow their guidance.  But life happens, I get busy and I forget a lot of the great ideas I had.

How To Make Training Work For You

At an event I was at recently, I learned a simple technique to help me keep track of the ideas I had and remember to do them rather than just spend time being entertained — time which I usually don’t have to spare!  I want to share it with you.

notebook_pen_smAny time you are at an event, on a webinar, or listening to training, make sure you have a notebook or journal and a pen, or some way to take notes.  Set aside the first page as your Action Page.  When you get inspiration or hear something that you know will help you, WRITE IT DOWN on your Action Page.  It will be much easier to find the things you want to do if you don’t need to scan through all your notes to dig them out!

After the event, go through your list and prioritize it.  What can you do right now to get results?  What should you do at a later time?  Are there ideas that need preparation to act on? Make a task list and add the things you can do now to your To Do list and SCHEDULE them.  Make sure you keep the items from your list that you want to do at some future time in a journal or somewhere that you won’t lose track of them.  If there are things that need to be done first, add those to your TO DO list.

Then take ACTION!!

This simple technique will help you make training work for you!  Try it and let me know how it goes!


  1. Hi Carol,

    Wonderful tips! thanks. I’d like to say that inspiration without action is lose of productivity. Time, energy and efforts spent without getting results.

    Scheduling tasks according to our own priority list is always helpful. We have to let go of some of the less important tasks if we are to get the MUST DOs done.

    Thanks, Carol!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum
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  2. “Set aside the first page as your Action Page. When you get inspiration or hear something that you know will help you, WRITE IT DOWN on your Action Page.” This is GREAT advice. I do quite a bit of training and facilitation and I am definitely going to use this! Thx for sharing.
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  3. Carol, What a great idea to write down our brilliant ideas and strongest inspirations! I always bring index cards with me wherever I go so I can capture ideas. In learning situations, valuable ideas become a part of me. Even when I forget the specifics, the ideas sink deep within and become part of my creative process ~

  4. Yep, that happens to me ALL THE TIME! I have notebooks full of notes from classes/webinars/workshops that are full of good info but they are stacked up in a pile and I seldom ever even look at them again. This is a great idea and I’m going to definitely use this advice from here on out!

  5. Hi Carol,

    Sometimes that happens to me, too much information for me at the time. I usually end up going back to the notes I took. Carol that is a great tip about having a page of notes for action. It will help you be more effective by looking at the ones that you can do now, and the strategies that you can implement down the road. Carol I will take you advice and start including an action page in my notes the next time I am at a live event or on a webinar.
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