Follow Up Is Where The Fortune Is

I am sure you have heard the phrase “The fortune’s in the follow up“.  That statement says a lot and implies that follow up is critical in any business. So, what does that mean to you as a business owner?

Lifecycle Marketing

First, let’s talk about lifecycle marketing which explains what typically happens in the sales cycle.  It says:

  • 44% of all sales people quit after the 1st contact
  • 24% quit after the 2nd contact
  • 14% quit after the 3rd contact
  • 12% quit after the 4th contact

So, 94% quit after the 4th contact. That says that only 6% keep contacting and are successful!

Follow Up

follow upLooking at those statistics, we can see how important the follow up is.  So why do so many quit too soon?  Maybe we think we are bothering people.  Maybe we figure they must not be interested.  There are lots of other reasons we could come up with.  So what do we do?

The most common way to follow up is through email marketing.  Once someone chooses to add their name to your email list usually via an opt-in form on your website, you need to drip carefully crafted emails to them over time.  They decided to opt-in because something you offered appealed to them and they wanted to learn more.

Set up your autoresponder and fill it with enough emails to keep your contacts interested.  From the statistics listed above, you need a minimum of five good emails. A few more is always good!

Make sure the content in your emails is interesting and valuable content to your subscribers.  The idea here is to grow their trust in you through these “contacts”.  Think of your ideal client as you write your emails.  What would they like to know about?  What help do they need?  What problem do they need a solution to — a solution that you can provide.  Why should they choose you and your solution?

The nice thing about using an email campaign with an autoresponder is that you only need to craft the emails once and they go out automatically after anyone opts in to your list.  A real time saver for you!

If you have another way to contact them besides your email list, do that too.  Do you have their phone number?  Have you connected on social media?  Just say “Hi” and see if they have any questions or if there is anything you can do to help them.  That extra touch will go along way to establishing their trust in you.

Follow Up Is Where The Fortune Is

The bottom line is, don’t give up too quickly on your contacts.  Something you did or offered appealed to them and they gave you their contact information.  Follow up and keep providing valuable information and you will see your sales go up!


  1. You are so right Carol! And if you look at the statistics for the people who buy or join, a large percentage of them are after the 5th contact. so those who quit all lost out on the sale/member. We watched these same numbers closely in our business.
    Thanks for all the tips too!

  2. Dear Carol,

    Having confidence and persistence to follow up is very important. And being authentic in how we do that is important – so I always try to do things the way I would like to be followed up with! 🙂
    Jennifer Sanders recently posted…Broken heartsMy Profile

  3. I admit I am one of those that doesn’t want to bother people! Not a good trait to have if you want to succeed in business. I don’t have an autoresponder campaign in place and this will be the next step for me. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. I agree that follow up is key. I have people sign up after two or three months when they said they had to think about it or a definite no became a maybe and then a yes. Great article. Thank you

  5. There’s a magazine Editor that I’ve been courting for months – finally have a meeting with her next week! Took A LOT of follow-up. I think people want to know you’re serious – one way to do that is perseverance. But, there is a fine line between follow-up and being a pain in the a**.
    Kimba recently posted…By: KimbaMy Profile

  6. Nice post Carol-Email campaigns are a great way to keep TOMA (top of mind awareness). I would also select some of the people on the list to call quarterly and thank them for their support. You can also ask how you can contribute to them and what type of content that they would like to see. They may actually say something in which you have a marketable solution for.

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