Build Your List With Your Website

I’m sure you have heard that you need to build your list.  Did you know your blog can help out?  It can – if, you have a place where people can leave their contact information.  But how do you get them to do that?  Simple. By offering them a free gift in exchange for their email address. Then you make your offer in a prominent place on your website – somewhere that they will see it and take action.

What do you offer for a free gift?  You want it to be something compelling to your visitors.  Something that provides enough value that they are willing to give you their contact information to get it.   So how do you come up with something?  Think of your ideal client, the person you want to help.  What do they need?  What can you offer them that will help them solve their problems AND highlight your expertise?

You want to “introduce” yourself to them and let them experience how you can help them.  You want to give them enough information to be helpful, and leave the option to work with you open.

Next you the format  of your free gift. Of course this also depends on the kind of free gift you are offering. Again, think of your idea client. Would a PDF be the best option?  Do they like to watch videos?  Maybe you have a recorded webinar that you gave in the past that has lots of great information.  Or a recorded interview you did with another expert.  There are so many ideas.  You just need to think of your ideal client and what you think will work best for them.

Once you have all that ready, you need to create an opt-in form using your autoresponder.  If you don’t know what an autoresponder is, read this.  Put your opt-in form in a prominent location on your home page.  It should be “above the fold” – in other words, visitors don’t have to scroll down the page to see your opt-in form.

After they opt-in, most autoresponders will require they confirm that they requested to be added to you list — those SPAM laws!  Then you need to craft a thank you email that your autoresponder sends immediately after that. This email should briefly introduce you and what you do and of course provide the instructions to receive your free gift.

That’s it!  Of course you can create and queue up additional emails that provide useful information.  Or include them in your newsletter.  Just be sure you keep in contact with your list regularly so they get to know you and what you better — and how you can help them!

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