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Brand YouTo be successful marketing online, you need to Brand You.  But you may wonder exactly what that means.  Well, in a nutshell, you build your business around YOU rather than an MLM, or any other product.

But you may say, “I don’t have anything to sell'”  or “I don’t have any special skill”.  The fact is …

Everyone is an expert at something compared to the masses.

The first step to Brand You is to determine “What You Have“.  Take inventory of your skills and past experiences — basically look back at your life and list anything and everything you can think of.

Next, decide what interests and passions you have.  Look at the first list you created and match your experiences and skills with your passions and interests.  Choosing something you are interested in and passionate about is key to staying in the game when things get hard — and they will get hard at times.

Now, you need to figure out “What’s Needed“. Look around on line and see what kinds of things people are looking for that are related to your skills and passions.  Make a list of needs, wants, and desires you find being expressed by others.  These are possible areas you can focus on.

Brand You

To Brand You, take your “What You Have” and “What’s Needed” lists and see where they overlap.  In other words, which of your skills or experiences would help with solutions people are looking for.  The overlap will help you define your Unique Selling Proposition or USP.  These are your unique qualities that make you stand out — make you different from everyone else out there.

Don’t worry if you don’t think you are an expert at the USP you choose.  You just need to start out knowing just a little more than the average person.  You can study up on your chosen area to fill in the gaps.  By educating yourself you are able to provide real value to people and they will begin to like and trust you.

Brand You

People look for solutions to problems.  You do have a solution to some problem out there!  Your solution is unique to you.  There is at least one person out there who will finally “get it” from the information and expertise only YOU can provide.

Brand You and use your unique skills and experience to provide exactly what other are searching for.  Your USP will bring you one step closer to being successful online!

Need help Branding You?  Check out an absolutely wonderful course here!  This has had a huge impact on my business and I KNOW it will help YOU too!!


  1. Hi Carol,

    I could not agree more with the idea of branding. It may sound a bit up ourselves at one glance. The reality is EVERYONE looking for a solution to their ‘problem’ online would love to have someone that have gone through their challenges and ‘came out on the other side’.
    As we are all uniquely different, our way of explaining the same challenge may even be much better than a ‘guru’.Personally, I have watched some tutorials that were way above my level. The result? I had to keep on searching and found someone who could relate to me at my level.

    There are many people searching. We just have to share what we already know! We help others. Others help more others. This is a beautiful supportive cycle.

    I love the way you explained USP – using different colours and diagram. Great work, Carol !

    Viola The Business Mum
    Viola Tam recently posted…MLM & IgnoranceMy Profile

  2. You (INC)
    It’s so true Carol. Especially in MLM.
    You don’t want to risk building your business on the invertebrate of some opportunity or company.
    If they go down, you go down with it.

    But if you can build your business around you and your expertise, then that can last.

    martin recently posted…Why Should I Survey My ClientsMy Profile

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more Carol. We are all experts in our way and explain things differently. We also learn as we go through our online marketing journey. I never would have thought I could write a blog and now I am regularly writing them and enjoy it. Hopefully along the way my messages will hep someone on their journey.

    Thanks for a great post.
    Linda O’Rourke recently posted…Be A Direct Selling SuperstarMy Profile

  4. It’s really interesting to see the concept of “the person as the brand” taking hold across different industries. I read an interesting article about how Justin Timberlake has become his own brand and how that’s affected his musical dominance. I’m a smaller fish in a small pond, but the concept is the same. We offer what we have that is unique to us, and we offer it as our total person, not just some separate product. You’ve presented this here with some very comprehensible concepts–I like the USP!
    Judy Stone-Goldman recently posted…When Noise Wakes You Up, Listen Within to Restore BalanceMy Profile

  5. I’m in the process of rebranding. I’ve branding my business and will be rebranding using my name and me just as you suggest. It’s taken me a lot of years to get here but it’s been worth the journey and the wait. Your advice is excellent!
    Susan Berland recently posted…Marriage Equality and Mother’s DayMy Profile

  6. Good article Carol! Branding will soon be the only possible way to sell anything, I think. Even though wee can reach everywhere, just about, through Internet, people will be moore picky on how to get their service. It’s gonna be the “perfect match” that wins!
    Stella Scott recently posted…Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest Of 2013My Profile

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