Become A Renegade Network Marketer

Are you a network marketer who has no list, no presence, no influence, and all you have available to build a business is a network marketing distributorship?  Are you wondering what to do to really grow your business?  Become a Renegade Network Marketer by doing these things to make long-term growth of your business a reality.

Make a business model shift so your business is centered around YOU.

This will bullet-proof your business.  You never know when something will go wrong – your MLM company will close, they will change the rules on your, or they will just decide to take your check away.  Or you could decide one day that you want to change companies.  You never know what could happen and you don’t want it to throw your business into a tail-spin.

To Become a Renegade Network Marketer your business entity now becomes YOU – focuses on you, NOT your MLM.  You position yourself as a resource, a solutions provider. You attract business to you through what you provide, which is resources, including your MLM.  Your business now is vested in you more than in your MLM.  You need to develop your own assets, including your own list, that you own and control.

This model will help you gather leads that come to you rather than you having to chase them down.  The lead that comes to you is a much more valuable lead because they want what you have – and they decided this on their own. Your conversion rate is higher because you have something to offer them that they want.  You now use a more leveraged approach to finding leads – online.

Get “skill built,” and focus on your number one asset — your knowledge base.

An important step to become a Renegade Network Marketer is to become skill-built. First, sit down and figure out what you have to offer.  What value do you contribute and bring to the marketplace?

After you figure out your identity and what you contribute, you need to learn skills such as how to generate traffic, create content, and put together a blog. Think of topics you are interested in learning more about.  What really excites you?  Find something you can become an expert at.

Your mindset is important also. If you have the desire, you will find the way to do this.  You will get creative and figure it out. Just remember, you are building a true, long-term future for yourself.

Create a social media hub that is a business asset.

Become A Renegade Network MarketerYour blog becomes your home-base.  Blogging is content-based.  You have to generate content to attract leads and that content must be value based.  It is critical to help people begin to know and trust you.

You can also use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.  But don’t depend on them because you don’t own them or your content on those sites.  Your content can be taken away at any time.  But do use them where you can.

Your blog is your own asset – you control it.  Over time, it can grow to be a very lucrative business.  So set up shop and set yourself up for long term success!

Become A Renegade Network Marketer

Want to learn more details about this business model for growing your business?  Get your copy of The Renegade Network Marketer.  Consider it your prerequisite for growing a long-term, successful business. Now it’s your turn to Become A Renegade Network Marketer!


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