5 Ways to Build Trust on Your Website

Have you ever visited a website, looked around, and you really weren’t sure “who” was behind the site?  How did that make you feel?  For me, I instantly become skeptical and tend to just get out of there.

Creating trust on your website is something you need to think about and implement.  Here are some ideas for creating that trust so your website visitors will stick around and not high-tail it outta there!

  1. One of the first things I look for is contact information.  If there is no way to contact the owner of the site, that is a huge red flag.  When I say contact information, there really are two parts to that.  First, I look for a business address that looks valid.  Then I also look for a way to contact them directly if I need to. Usually that is a contact form to send them a message. A bonus would be to have an email address and maybe even a phone number.  When the site owner allows me to contact them directly, that tells me there is someone behind that pretty website!
  1. Next I always look for and at least glance through the About page.  I want to see who the owner of the site is.  If it’s a company site, a company information page is the same as an about page.  The About/Information page gives me an idea of who is running the site and what their objectives are.  And for you and your website, it helps people get to know a little about you and see that you are a real person and what your intentions are.  Just make sure you are quick to respond to any contact requests!  That shows your potential customers they are important to you!
  1. Along with the About or Information page, I love to see testimonials!  I want to hear from others who have worked with this business and see how they were helped.  Reading testimonials also helps me understand the kinds of people and problems this business can help me with.  If I don’t resonate with any of the people giving the testimonials for the service or product I am interested in, I know that I probably won’t benefit from that.
  1. Then of course, I want to see exactly what the business offers — how they can help me.  I want to see clearly defined products and/or services.  I want details!!  That said, I’m not a fan of sales pages that are pages and pages and pages long!  I want enough detail that I understand the product or service, but not so much that I get bored reading before I find out how to get it.
  1. Another thing that is really nice, depending on the type of service offered, is a portfolio or examples of your work.  If you are offering service where you create something for people, show off your work!  People love to see pictures!  You never know, one of your past projects may be just what a visitor is looking for and seeing that example will inspire them to contact you!

There are other things you can add that can increase trust in your visitors. Things such as certification badges, social media links, a blog, and even pricing help also.  But the 5 items listed above will help your visitors to realize there is a real person behind the website, know a little about you and start to establish trust in you and your business! Think about your ideal client and what they would want to see to build trust in you and implement those right away!  Need help with adding these items to your website?  Click here and let’s chat and we’ll get you set up!

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