3 Ways To Research Your Target Market

Target MarketOnce you have your ideal client defined, you need to understand your target market.  They are the group of people that you want to serve with the products and services you have to offer.  Your ideal client is part of your target market, but it also includes others who are a lot like your ideal client as well.

Target Market Research

You need to understand what your target market wants and how to reach them.  Who are they? what do they need?  How can you help them?  Here are three questions you need to answer to help you know them better:

1. What problems do they have that my products and services can solve?

Think about your target market.  List out all the problems, questions, pain points etc. that they have.  Try to think from their point of view. Spend some time on this. It’s important to understand this!

Once you have a list, look at each one and see what you have to offer that can help them solve that problem.  You want to keep track of this list of problems and your solutions and use that to help you with the rest of your research.  It will also come in handy when you start creating content too!

2. What would they type into Google to find the solutions to their problems?

Using the list of problems you came up with in #1, come up with words and phrases your target market would  use when searching online for solutions.  Think of the problem from their perspective so you can understand how they would search online.  The words and phrases that produce some good results would be great to use later as keywords for your marketing.

3. Where does my target market “hang out” online?

Look around on social media sites, blogs, forums, etc and see if you can find places your target market spends their time online.  This is very important to understand because you will want to concentrate your marketing efforts in these places.  You should spend time in these places to learn about what they need and want.

Once you know where they hang out, become active in those places.  Build a presence on the social media sites.  Place ads there too.  Comment on the blogs and forums.  That way they will come to know you and who you are.

Finding Your Target Market

Once you have answer these three questions, you have a better understanding of your target market and how to reach them.  You know what they want, how you can help them, and how to find them!  Now use what you have discovered and help them solve their problems!


  1. Hi Carol;

    first off, I would like to congratulate you on the set up of your site, beautiful. I had just realized that it is not only well built, it is full of very worthy information. And yes you are absolutely right, the only way to conquer one’s market is to put oneself in the shoes of that market, to hang around the area the people of that specific market visit and in so doing you will master it. Awesome points you made here.
    Thank you for sharing and let us give it a beat, tweet, and a Facebook it. Have a fabulous day and God Bless.

    Celestin recently posted…The Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring ReviewMy Profile

  2. Great advice. Finding your target audience is key in most situations, not just marketing a product. Even as a writer, I need to understand and speak to my audience. For example, I don’t write for children, so I shouldn’t expect the Young Adult (YA) market to be interested in my book or my blog. Thanks for the research tips.
    Kimba recently posted…Taking A MulliganMy Profile

  3. Target marketing is key. In network marketing, company leaders will say that anyone within 3 feet is your prospect, which, by the numbers is true. . .but if your targets are in a specific demographic, the ratios will go up dramatically. For example, while people who who have feet may all be candidates for my Newton running shoe, at a price-point of $175 and designed for Ironman athletes, my kids’ cane walking grammie, is probably not the idea target.
    Flo Bradley recently posted…Stages of LifeMy Profile

  4. Really good ways to get ‘inside your customer’s head’ Carol – that is a fundamental aspect, to clarify who to aim your marketing at. It makes complete sense to follow your steps if you want to get a positive reaction from your clients – be where they are and help them with a problem – works for any product or service.
    A perfect Blueprint 🙂
    Jacs Henderson recently posted…“The 13 Devastating Mistakes That Are Killing Your Internet Business!”My Profile

  5. These are all great points, we need to look at what we do from the audience’s perspective and not ours. Knowing where our target market hangs out socially is so important these days! Thank you for the great information!
    Deanna Heiliger recently posted…Excitement or Fear?My Profile

  6. Hi Carol,

    Good and VERY useful post. A good topic to go back to once in a while as well to see if still on target or you need to change the answers to those three questions. A good compass to use for your business.

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