10 Reasons You Need Great Content

contentGreat content is vital to having a successful website.  Even as other marketing methods come and go, content will remain the cornerstone of your business marketing.

Here are 10 reasons why content is important to your business.

1. Content is the reason people go online

When you think about it, why does someone search on the web?  They are looking for something.  Whether it is a solution to a problem they have, or looking for something to pass the time.  Maybe they need some ideas for what to make for dinner or are looking for a great book to read.  They are searching for something.

2. Content allows you to distinguish yourself

There are certainly others online who offer solutions similar to yours.  They may be targeting the same market you are.  If you have great content that really addresses the needs and desires of your target market, really provides the solutions they need, they will come to you.  Creating valuable content will make you stand out from all the others.

3. Content will establish your expertise

As potential customers search for solutions online, they find everyone who claims to be able to solve their problem.  They have so many options to choose from, they may have a hard time deciding because they have no reason to trust any one of the choices.  By creating quality content that provides real value on its own, people will see that you really do know what you are talking about.  They will see the value you offer for free. They will be more likely to select you as the solution they are looking for.

4. Content will make people want to come back

The best customer is a repeat customer.  If you consistently provide great content, your customers will return again and again because of the value you provide.

5. Content helps you explain your value

When someone is looking for a solution, you need to explain to them why they should buy from you rather than someone else.  Your content provides a platform for you to explain why you offer the greatest value.  You can explain your point of view and why you have the best solution.

6. Content helps you provide service to existing customers

Your content will help you to continue to provide value to customers after they have purchased from you.  They may have questions about what they have purchased and how to best utilize your products.  Having FAQ and “How To” content will help them get the best value out of your products and solutions and help you keep them as satisfied customers.

7. Content  helps you build your list

You want to build your list.  Having great content on your site is a great way to show them your free offer is worth trading their contact information for.  They will see that you know what you are talking about.  It will prove to them that you provide value and they will be willing to join your list.

8. Content helps your search engine ranking

Relevant and high quality content helps the search engines to identify your site as one that is likely to be a valuable resource to people searching for information on a particular topic.  Writing valuable articles while using basic SEO principles can boost your SEO ranking and help more people find you.

9. Content can help your social media influence

Content is more than just articles on your website.  It also includes images and videos.  These are the things people  like  to share on social media.  By including content that people can share on social media, you allow people to create links to your content, which is invaluable in growing your influence.

10. Content keeps you active

As you create more content, it keeps you active in your business.  It also keeps you creative as you come up with more ways to help your ideal client.  You need to keep your content current with what is happening online, while keeping it relevant to what your ideal client is looking for.

10 Reasons You Need Great Content

These 10 reasons will help you create valuable and relevant content for your ideal customer and target market.  Keep these in mind and you will go along way to growing your business and your audience!


  1. You’ve certaintly made the argument for content, and in a very direct, precise way. (I echo the other comment – short, sweet, and to the point!) I think another reason to focus on quality content is that in truth, many people are saying and promoting similar things, at least on the surface. There’s a lot of similarity across the Web, so you have to have good, deep, unique content to stand out.
    Judy Stone-Goldman recently posted…What Are Your Questions for a Wet (or Dry) August Day?My Profile

    • Judy:

      I agree. Great content is a good way to differentiate yourself from the competition and help you stand out from the crowd. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    • Laura – I have seen some great content myself and it really shows what the author can and probably will, provide! Thanks for your comment!

    • Suzie – Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am so glad creating content is working for you! A great example for all of us to follow. 🙂

  2. Precise reasons to encourage content for sure and a great reminder of why we need to blog. I love the idea that what we share not only gets our expertise out there but also helps us to get more focused about our content.
    Jen Duchene recently posted…Moving toward changeMy Profile

  3. Hey Carol!

    Love the list of reasons you posted on why everyone should be posting great content on their blogs. I’ve come across too many blogs where people post crap content for the sake of getting content up on the blog.

    I see so many affiliate links on a single post at times and I wonder if they were just trying to sell their products as much as possible, without providing any value upfront.

    Content allows you to establish yourself as an authority in the marketplace and that’s where people begin to know and grow respect for you.

    You don’t have to always produce your own “original content”. You can always repurpose someone else’s blog post, or read their posts and create a new post on your own thoughts about the argument someone may have presented in their own blog.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Darren Spruyt
    Darren Spruyt recently posted…3 Of The Biggest Network Marketing Myths – DispelledMy Profile

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