Why Do I Need A List?

email-listI am sure you’ve heard it several times — “You need a list to be successful online.”  What exactly is a list?  A list is a collection of contact information for people who have expressed interest in you and what you are doing.  They opt-in to your list in some way to get something you offer.  Your list is stored and managed with an [intlink id=”2415″ type=”post”]autoresponder[/intlink].

For example, I have a free report on my website that I offer for free in exchange for people’s email address.  I have also hosted a couple telesummits with several other successful business owners.  People who wanted access to the interviews I did with those business owners provided their email address and were added to my list.  They were then sent access to all the valuable information from those interviews.

What people expect from you when they opt-in is for you to provide something of value that they can use now.  Something that helps them in some way with a problem or a question they have.

Why do I need a list?

First off, as your list grows, you build a relationship with them by offering information on a regular basis.  That way they get to know you better and what you can do for them.  As they learn more about you, they see how you can help them and they know, like and trust you.

Eventually, if you offer something they need, they will become customers and/or clients.

So a list is key to growing an online business.  It gives you a chance to share what you know and how you can help people.  And it gives people the chance to learn from you and eventually buy from you.

It really is about building relationships with people.  Share valuable, useful information, and people will want what you have to offer!


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