Business Assets You Must Own

Your business needs to be centered around YOU so you have complete control over it. In order for you to make as much money as possible, you need to develop your own business assets.

Online Marketing

Success in online marketing can be summarized into 5 main ingredients that combine to form the “Profit Formula.” There are hundreds and even thousands of different methods you can use online (or off) but all of them end up falling under one of these 5 main categories.  Just like an algebra equation that balances itself out, when you put all…

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Attraction Marketing For Network Marketers

I realize that most people in Network Marketing have learned certain steps to building their business.  These usually involve talking to everyone they know.  But Attraction Marketing For Network Marketers is becoming more important than ever to learn and use in your business.  Marketing is a skill that everyone trying to build a business needs to learn.  Learning Attraction Marketing…

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My Transition – Becoming An Entrepreneurial Mom – Part 4

What I really liked about the program that I stumbled across in part 3 was that it did not promise great wealth overnight.  It is an honest to goodness training and coaching program to help me succeed at becoming an entrepreneurial mom.  Those instant success programs rarely work – I have looked into several of them, but could never really…

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My Transition – Becoming An Entrepreneurial Mom – Part 3

As I said in part 2, I found my solution to becoming an entrepreneurial mom!  Yeah!  I was looking around the internet and saw an add on Facebook that said something like: How To Succeed At Network Marketing By Burning Your Names List, Ditching The Thursday Night Hotel Meetings And NEVER Paying For Another Opportunity Lead Again! Wow!  That sounded…

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Your Own Marketing Team

How would you like to have Your Own Marketing Team! I have to tell you about the great event I attended last weekend with my marketing team.  It was an intensive, attraction marketing workshop where like-minded people gathered to learn the ins and outs of marketing online.  There were about 60 people from all sorts of backgrounds with ages ranging…

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