Tips To Secure Your Website

secure websiteIf there is one thing you need to stay on top of, it’s keeping your website secure.  I am amazed at how many notifications I get about failed login attempts on the sites I manage.  The reason those unauthorized logins fail is that I installed a security plugin to help prevent those logins.

One of my favorite security plugins is WordFence.  It’s FREE, easy to set up, and does a great job at keeping a site secure.

Another great plugin is iThemes Security.  This one used to be Better WP Security, but it has been improved a lot with the new owners.

Also, we did other security measures on the site.  I covered some of those in another post, [intlink id=”1776″ type=”post”]How To Secure Your WordPress Site[/intlink].  So do those things as well.

It’s also important to review all your plugins.  There are two things to look at here.  One, is the plugin up to date?  It is so important to keep your plugins, well your whole website, up to date.  A lot of the updates done to WordPress, themes, and plugins are either fixing problems found or fixing security issues.  Yes, they add new functionality too.

Second, if you have a lot of plugins, review each one and see if you really need.  If you aren’t really using the plugin, delete it.

Third, if you have any non-active plugins, just delete them.  The outdated and unactivated plugins can provide access points into your website for an unscrupulous hacker.

Keeping your website secure is something you need to watch and keep on top of.  If you really don’t have the time or just want someone else to take care of this for you, check out my [intlink id=”2774″ type=”page”]website maintenance plans[/intlink]!  I can take care of it for you so you don’t have to worry about it and can spend your time doing what you love to do@


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