The “I Need a Website” Package”

You are getting your business off the ground and it’s picking up speed. There’s just one thing — you need a website. You know that your clients and customers are online, looking for people like you… and you want to make sure you impress them, right off the bat. The only problem is, you don’t really know what to put on your website, let alone how to build the thing. (And frankly, you’d rather just have someone like me do it for you).

Or maybe you are a seasoned business owner who is embarrassed by your existing website. Maybe you think it’s ugly. Or maybe you don’t want anyone to see it. Truth be told, you’ve outgrown your old website. That’s not you anymore. And you are holding off expanding your visibility through Facebook ads, speaking, or reaching out to potential clients because you’re waiting to fix your website… and you just don’t have the time to do it.

Look, we all have things that we are really good at. And you’re probably here reading this because designing and developing a website is not one of them. That’s okay! That’s why I’m here.

Our Premium Website Package includes:

  • A warm and friendly conversation at the beginning of our work together, to get clear on what you want your website to do for your business (don’t worry, I’ll help you figure it out if you’re not sure)
  • Figuring out what pages you need for a moneymaking website
  • Helping you decide whether you are going to do the writing of your web pages, or will hire a copywriter
  • A great header design (if you need one)
  • Setting up your newsletter and opt-in for your free gift to build your mailing list
  • Two rounds of feedback on your page design and layout to make sure you love what you see
  • Once your website is done, you’ll get a 60 minute training to help you update and maintain your new site (popular topics include: how to post to your blog, how to update your site, or how to add new web pages or revise what’s there)

Packages are completely customized for what you need with prices starting at $2000.

Interested in working together? The first step is to fill out a mini-questionnaire to tell me what you’re looking for and how I can help. Click the Get Started button below to do that now. From there, you can schedule a time to talk with Carol so she can answer any questions you have about working together.

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The “Set Up My Telesummit” Package

Doing a telesummit but don’t want to worry about all the technical pieces? I can help you out! You just need to take care of finding the experts, interviewing them and I will take care of the techy for you! I will set up your summit site with all the pages you need to have a successful summit. You will also need a way to email everyone to invite them to join in and to let them know what’s happening each day of your summit.

I will set all that up for you and make sure it gets sent out on time! You provide all the copy, though I will make minor edits if I see any. This package includes all the items listed below for a telesummit with up to 25 experts. If you have more we can talk.

The telesummit package includes:

  • A conversation at the beginning so I understand your summit and how you want it to help your business
  • A beautiful, professional banner that represents your summit topic
  • An opt-in page that invites people to join in your summit
  • A nice thank you page and email that lets them know what to expect
  • Individual pages that feature each of your experts and their expertise
  • Emails created for each day of the summit so people can get to the interviews easily
  • A resources page for all your experts so they can get the promotional material quickly and easily
  • A replay page, if you choose, so the interviews are easy to get to for people who joined late or just want to listen again

A telesummit runs $1400. If you have something unique, we can talk here and get you taken care of.

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I Just Need Some Help!

Got other tech or website work that you need help getting done? ProMomSolutions also offers autoresponder setup, and website maintenance and troubleshooting services. Just click the button below to set up an appointment to talk to Carol about your project.

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