My Transition – Becoming An Entrepreneurial Mom – Part 4

What I really liked about the program that I stumbled across in part 3 was that it did not promise great wealth overnight.  It is an honest to goodness training and coaching program to help me succeed at becoming an entrepreneurial mom.  Those instant success programs rarely work – I have looked into several of them, but could never really believe what they advertised.  I wanted to believe them, but they just really seemed too good to be true.

The Path To Becoming An Entrepreneurial Mom

Now, before I make attraction marketing sound like the end-all for MLM success (although it ranks pretty high on the list!), I believe there is still some warm market work that needs to be done along with it.  After all, you feel like you have found something wonderful and you love it.  Why would you NOT want to share it with a few friends and family?  You do want to work with people you like, right?

Becoming An Entrepreneurial MomI heard a story the other day that fits here.  One day you are driving along a country road enjoying the scenery.  There are lots of cows grazing along the sides and suddenly you notice a purple cow grazing in the field.  Wouldn’t you stop your car, get out and get on the phone to tell all your friends and family?  Or at least take pictures so you could share the great find with them!

That’s sort of how sharing the great business you found works.  You found something great so you share it with those you care about.  But, that is not your only option for growing your business.

Becoming An Entrepreneurial Mom

Starting and growing a successful and profitable business and becoming an entrepreneurial mom can sound like a daunting task.  There are so many things to consider. The attraction marketing training I discovered helped with all the issues I knew of and even more things that I had not even considered yet.

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