Why I Like Network Marketing

Network marketing is really a personal development program wrapped up in [name of the business].

Your Responsibility To Yourself

There are 3 you control: the thoughts you think, the images you see, and the actions you take. They have impact on what you do and how you do it.

Is Life Balance A Myth?

With a little planning and scheduling, you can closer to having life balance – and feel a little less stress too!

Build Your Belief By Setting Smarter Goals

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with all that you have to do to run a business? Set smaller goals that build your belief and you will keep moving forward.

The Other Side of Fear

Next time you feel that fear that sometimes stops us in our tracks, just remember “Everything you want is on the other side of fear”, and push through it.

Stupid Is The New Smart

Stupid as the New Smart infers that while an idea may appear to be inherently faulty, the idea is, in reality, sound and in your best interest to pursue.