Why You Need A Support Team

Since I started my business a few years ago, I have always had a support team.  What do I mean by a support team?  No, I haven’t hired anyone to help me with my business.  It’s still just me.  But what I do have in place is a group of people I associate with on a regular basis who have made all the difference for me!

I have been in a mastermind group for over two years now — the same group.  We have gotten to know each other pretty well — personally and professionally.  We know each others business goals, as well as our strengths and weaknesses.

Branded-MM-Oct13I have spoken to many entrepreneurs and they all agree that having someone with similar goals and ambitions to bounce things off of is key.  Sometimes our friends and family just don’t get what we are trying to do.  They mean well.  They want to protect us.  But we have big goals that take a lot of courage and ambition to reach. We need someone who understands that!

The nice thing is that you don’t feel alone! Being able to talk to others with similar ambitions is so critical!  You can complain and they will listen and understand.  Then they get you back on track!

This quote sums it up quite well:

“Entrepreneurs tend to be highly creative, ambitious, risk-takers and often better at starting something versus growing it and running it well.  If he or she surrounds themselves with good people, the likelihood of success is greater.” ~Mark LeBlanc

Bottom line is to find a group that you resonate with and enjoy interacting with who will support you in your dreams.  It really will make all the difference in accomplishing your goals!

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