Blog Tweaks You Can Make To Increase Traffic

Simple Blog TweaksThese simple blog tweaks will make a positive difference in the amount of blog traffic you receive both immediately and over time.

The main point of these blog tweaks is so that people know what you offer and how they can get it from you, as well as share it with others. If your blog is inconsistent and incongruent, visitors will be confused. Blog Tweaks of Tiny Changes Make Big Differences

1. First, take a look at your header.

Your header shows people your brand. What is your specialty? Are you blogging about social media advice? Are you catering specifically to the needs of small business owners or other internet marketers? Or maybe you’re an advertising genius. Make sure your header is clear about what you offer.

If your header doesn’t include what you offer, create a video that is always on your home page. When people land on your home page, they’ll watch this video and know exactly what the blog is about.

Even your navigation bar can offer information to visitors about what they can find on your site. Your category names and the titles to each page and post will give a hint as to your specialties and the overall theme of your blog. This is a simple blog tweak.

2. When people visit your blog and love one of your entries, can they share it on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites?

By simply adding a plugin that lets people share your content on their social networks, you’ve given visitors the ability to do some word of mouth advertising for you. This is a very simple blog tweak.

If you’re finding yourself technically challenged to do this, hire someone to do it for you. It shouldn’t cost much. Or find someone who will consider some type of trade – service for service.

Don’t let technical challenges STOP you. They might slow you down, but NEVER let them stop you.

3. The Title of your blog can be search engine optimized if you include “keywords” for which you want to rank on the search engines.

You can use “keywords” in the titles of your posts and the content of those posts. If you’re using WordPress, you will definitely find plugins you can install that will help you manage some Search Engine Optimization without having to be an expert.

You don’t need to be an expert to be effective with keywords.  Do some simple keyword searches on Google and see what kind of results you get.  That will get you started in learning what people are searching for.

4. Schedule yourself! Keep a daily agenda in which you include time every day for updating your blog.

The more updated and consistent your content, the more relevant your blog and the more attractive you blog will be. Try to create a calendar in which you schedule in these daily (or at least, weekly) updates.

If you are stuck finding content ideas, write about articles you read, new tips & tricks you learn. Any interesting topic that would be relevant to the market you are targeting.

Blog Tweaks of Tiny Changes Make Big Differences

These simple blog tweaks will make a positive difference in the amount of blog traffic you receive both immediately and over time. Often times with marketing, it’s the simple tweaks that are repeatedly made on a regular basis that yield the best results. Implement these blog tweaks for starters. They’re important.



  1. Carol these blog tweaks are really helpful. Word press is great for plugins and the social media buttons on blogs are a great way of getting our messages spread around.
    Linda O’Rourke recently posted…Network Marketing IncomeMy Profile

  2. Carol, appreciate the fresh set of eyes. It is easy to get so used to our own work that we fail to view it from the new reader’s perspective. I’m inspired to go look at my blog right now and see what I can ‘tweak’.
    Rachel Williamson recently posted…Beating The Blank Blog Post BluesMy Profile

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