Why You Shouldn’t Do Everything Yourself

You are an entrepreneur. You run your own business. The problem is you are only one person. You can’t do everything! I know, I want to do everything myself too. I want to save money. I need to make sure it’s done right, for heaven’s sake! Well, that is a recipe for burn-out! I know. I’ve been there. A few…

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Why You Need To Get Your Website Up Now!

As I work with people and help them get their websites set up, I notice that some tend to be caught in the “got to get it perfect before I can do anything” mode. I certainly understand that as I am a recovering perfectionist myself. But I heard someone say something once that made so much sense to me –…

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What Is A WHY And How Do I Figure It Out?

Your WHY is that compelling reason, the driving force, that keeps you working towards your goals and dreams. Here’s how to figure it out.

Top 50 MLM Blogs 2013

I decided to enter the Top 50 MLM Blogs again this year so go here and vote for me: http://top50mlmblogs.com/carol-lamoreaux/!

Why I Like Network Marketing

Network marketing is really a personal development program wrapped up in [name of the business].

How To Make Training Work For You

We learn great information, get inspired to improve ourselves and our business, but then we don’t use it. Here’s a way to get the most out of training!