Welcome to ProMomSolutions!

Are you looking for a way to stay home with your kids?

Do you want to get out of the corporate world and make money working at home?

Do you have an MLM business but have not had the results you hoped for?

I’m Carol Lamoreaux and I am here to help you make the transition from a career to a successful home-based “mom”preneur.

I have been in the corporate world for over 22 years.  I am a senior software engineer and have done marketing and customer training along with my engineering work.  While I do like what I do, I want more in my life. I want to be with my kids more so I do not miss out on all the fun growing up years!

So, I started my own business where I help other moms learn how to create their own successful businesses that they can run from home.  I will share what I have learned along the way so you don’t make the same mistakes.  I can shorten your learning curve and help you progress faster!

I started out by joining an MLM and I did struggle … initially. I was frustrated because I have a very successful corporate career with a strong marketing and customer training background.  WHY was I failing with my MLM?  Why were so many other talented, hard-working people I knew not succeeding either? Then …

I found a solution! and I want to share what I’ve learned to help others.

My goal is to guide you through the basics to help you build your own successful online business the right way!  Others may promise a “get rich quick” method. But following a system like that will not get you sustainable, long-term income.  If you follow the steps, do the work, and learn the skills required, you will build a successful business online and most important you will have created a long term asset!